Enjoy your favorite entertainments, TV, Music, Movie and or any Games on a wide screen.
Withstand water, snow, sun exposure ensuring readable, durable experience in any circumstances.
Perfectly suitable for all outdoor areas as well as home and any commercial usage.
  • Crystal Clear Wide
    75" Full HD
    Dream your fantastic experience on state of art AG/AR covered crystal clear screens.
    Meet your heroes in the movie at your back yards as live and spectacle screens at pool sides
    Wonder your seeing whether you are meeting the real heroes and actors/actress.
    You will wonder where is the sky and where is the screen
    Sky is the limit of your enjoying outdoor entertainments and any of contents
    Meet your lovely family not on a small cell. Phone but on the large screens at your pool side
  • Weather Proof IP65
    Watch your TV on a rainy day, Recall your memory at the sunshine afternoon.
    Summer can turn to snowy sky resorts, Christmas can bring your summer beach throughout the CINÉ OUTDOOR
    Dusts in the winds will bring SCOLPIONS and PUB music songs.,
    Rain drops fall in on you head will twinkle and decorate your goodies and oldies.
    CINÉ OUTDOOR have been designed specifically for all-weather performance and are sunlight readable, durable and designed to operate and perform superbly no matter the conditions. CINÉ OUTDOOR is suitable for use in pools, gardens, on backyards and all outdoor areas perfect for home and any commercial usage.
  • Surf the Net on
    Satisfy your curiosity about anything and everything. Surf your favorite sites, such as Google and Wikipedia, access unlimited Internet content on a bigger screen at the comfort of your own home.
  • Be found orchestras in the CINÉ OUTDOOR
    Listen bug’s songs, bird’s sings, streams of water, thunders in the storm, CINÉ OUTDOOR will lead you to symphony of sounds.
    You may hear every sound in the planet throughout CINÉ OUTDOOR.
  • Share & Enjoy on Smart devices
    Be proud of your sons and daughters showing the joyful & memorable photos and videos to your neighborhoods.
    Be one team with your kids as playing the same games on the real world not on a small cell phone.
    Respect your grand mams and fathers recognizing their oldies and goodies of photos, bringing their smiles and laughs.