Dream your ordinary life to be fun and joyful as working and play together with CINÉ OUTDOOR.
Immediate lecture and having meetings outside, your popped up ideas will definitely be your creative business.
  • Unlimited Web surfing
    on a Big screen
    Stretch your arms touching wherever you want on a large screen, still there will be unreached new continent remained as untouched.

    Be famous detectives in the famous Soap Opera swing your fingers touching at the CINÉ OUTDDOOR.

    Watch millions videos and shows on your full HD TV! Instead of crowding around a small laptop, now you can enjoy the best seats in any places and watch on a wider screen with more friends and loved ones.
  • Free Zoom In/Out
    Editing & Marking
    Be a Peter Pan in the wonderland as free zooming with your fingers.
    Wear your microscope at your fingers with free zoom in/out.
  • 10 Multi-touch Screen
    With 10 multi touch, displays can recognize simultaneous gestures and touch points perform certain functions, a responsive experience, advanced touch capabilities. Take advantage of the improved multi touch, using wide canvas.
  • Video Conference System
    Allow your team to comfortably interact with CINÉ OUTDOOR. With Full HD on a very large display, it also makes a great place to share and analyze your thinking/opinions. Invite your faraway friends in easy way, make face to face collaboration on a large screen.
  • Easy UI/UX
    Your familiar and same UI & UX of cell phone will deliver seamless experience. User-friendly World Top Class PCAP touch interface will help your easy and quick usage.